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Construction Trades Sampler program lets you explore multiple trades in greater depth. Over 240 hours, you’ll gain practical skills and can even complete certifications that trades employers are looking for. The Construction Trades Sampler is an intake group that is immersed into the many careers related to the construction industry. Students will explore interested career areas around the following trades:

  1. Carpentry
  2. Electrical
  3. Plumbing

The course is mainly “hands on” by building skills, knowledge and the right attitude that employers are looking for. There will be a focus on SkilledTradesBC (formerly the Industry Training Authority or ITA) essential skills, field trips to businesses that employ trades people, project building in the shop, and practical experiences with ACE’s excellent instructors. Drafting and math will be interspersed with day to day learning.

Carrer Occupation

  • Graduates will be able to work in entry-level positions for Installing and repairing lighting fixtures and equipment, including switches and circuit breakers.
  • Connecting power to communications equipment, signalling devices and heating and cooling systems.
  • Troubleshooting electronic systems and replacing faulty components.
  • They will have essential safety certifications and skills training to start their career in Construction Trades Sampler that will allow them to contribute in various projects.
  • Able take the responsibility for restoring and/or installing of structural woodwork and related materials, specifically the practices, procedures, techniques, tools and equipment, materials, specifications.
  • Install, repair, and maintain pipes, valves, fittings, drainage systems, and fixtures in commercial and residential structures.


Applications are open for following intakes :

  • July 04- August 25, 2023 (Closed)
    • Mon-Fri 8:30-3:00PM- Surrey, BC

Entrance Requirements

To learn more about the Fire Protection Technician Program or to apply. Please contact:

  • Applicants must successfully complete the admissions interview and entrance assessments with a minimum score of 50% in the English Assessment and a minimum score of 50% in the Math Assessment


To learn more about the Construction Trade Sampler program or to apply. Please contact:

  • ATTI-