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Supneet Chawla P.Eng.  , PMP

Electrical Instructor


If you are or were preparing for Red Seal exam or have been working in electrical trade in last 15 years, you must have seen my video tutorials teaching Electrical Red Seal Class.

I have great news for you. Now this class including the course books is completely free. Along with this, you also get $300 per week extra remuneration while you are attending this training . This class will be offered via Skype while I teach from the campus and you attend this training at home to maintain social distance. Once the health officials approve , you and I will continue to attend this training in person in our campus in Surrey.

Let all your friends and family members about this free training and we only have 4 seats left. Last day to enroll is April 10th.

Training starts on April 20th


For more info , call me at 604-304-4009 or email me at . I am attaching a link for more info