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Power Engineering Upgrading

Power Engineering Upgrading

A Power Engineer or Operating Engineer is a skilled worker who operates and maintains (stationary) equipment, such as steam generators/boilers, air and refrigeration compressors, gas and steam turbines, and gas and diesel engines and all related equipment, such as pumps and piping systems, water treatment plants, lubrication systems, plant instrumentation controls and plant environmental systems.

Power Engineers are employed in:

  • Large power generating plants to produce electricity.
  • The manufacturing and food processing industries to supply process steam, compressed air, electricity and refrigeration for freezing and cold storage.
  • Gas plants to refine, treat and compress natural gas.
  • Refineries, chemical and pulp and paper plants to supply heat, process steam, electricity and compression.
  • The commercial and institutional sectors to supply heating and cooling.

Presently the occupational title in Ontario is Operating Engineer while all other Canadian jurisdictions use the title Power Engineer. Power engineering is a relatively new term that has replaced other occupational titles such as Steam Engineer, Stationary Engineer and Low/High Pressure Boiler Operator.

Power Engineering Class 4-Class 1 Challenge Exam Refresher Course

ATTI provides consistent, high quality training and services to candidates wishing to obtain certification as a Power/Operating Engineer (4th through 1st Class) or as a Plant Operator. Typical full-time in-school training prepares the candidate to start his/her career at Class 4 and move to higher levels with education and experience over time .Our approach to training has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of persons working full time and/or on shift. Where a power engineer has sufficient documentable hours of experience in the field, he/she can request to challenge level exams that are administered by the provincial safety authority. ATTI offers a variety of 40 hour refresher courses that cover all the codes and materials required to prepare for successfully passing these exams. We design our courses to minimize the amount of time required to be away from work, typically on evenings or weekends or in week long intensive sessions.If you are interested in any of Power Engineering programs and courses at ACE Trades and Technical Institute, please click here to go to our Academic Calendar for course starting dates and schedules. For more details, you can also call local number: (604)304-4009 or toll free number: 1-855-471-3926 or send us an email at