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Electrical Engineering Upgrading Courses

Engineering is a regulated profession in Canada. Any immigrant that holds a Bachelors degree in the field of engineering is not designated as an Engineer unless and until he meets all of the academic and experience requirements – at which time he is then licensed to practice engineering at a professional level. To fulfill these academic requirements, candidates must write and pass EIT (Engineer-in-Training) exams. These exams are conducted by local Association of Professional Engineers and Geo-scientist of that province where the candidate resides.ACE Trades and Technical Institute helps engineers to prepare and successfully challenge EIT exams. ACE strives to set and maintain high academic, experience and professional practice standards. These standards work to protect public health, safety and welfare.

Electrical Engineering Upgrading Courses

ATTI offers complete training seminars to prepare engineers for Electrical EIT exams. Interactive classroom sessions and detailed solutions are provided, along with a multitude of previous exam questions to practice. ATTI incorporates a database of over 5,000 sample questions with over 7,000 pages of study material with searchable indexes.

Duration Schedule Time
1 Week Candidate to call ATTI for more details 9am-4:30pm.

For more information kindly contact at or 778-995-3926.

Notes :

  1. Language of instruction – English
  2. This course is also available via Skype. Candidate can attend a live class from comfort of his home.
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