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Electrical-2021 Canadian Electrical Code Course
Electrical-2021 Canadian Electrical Code Course

Class A FSR (Field Safety Representative) certificate of qualification entitles the holder to submit declarations on behalf of their employer for any type of regulated electrical work. There are no voltage or ampere limitations.

Class B FSR certificate of qualification entitles the holder to submit declarations on behalf of their employer for regulated electrical work only with respect to electrical installations where the voltage of the completed installation is under 750 volts. The certification also covers the Underground Raceway scope, allowing underground conduit installations at any voltage.

Electrical- 2021 Canadian Electrical Code Course

To become an FSR certified you are required to show evidence of having successfully completed a course in the application of electrical codes and standards required by the provincial safety manager and to pass a Technical Safety BC exam. This course qualifies as ‘recognized’ by the Technical Safety BC. This course is also excellent for those electricians, technologists or engineers that merely want to refresh their knowledge and update their skills to the latest edition of the code.

This course is available in below formats

Program CodeProgram Options
1410FSR A/B Class (Inperson/Live with Instructor)
1420FSR A/B Class (Online video training)

Course Details

Duration40 Hours
ScheduleFebruary 10 – March 09, 2024 (5 Saturdays)
Language of InstructionsEnglish
Notes1. Hard book is not included in the tuition amount, for paper based binder you have to pay extra i.e $210.
2. If you want to buy Canadian Electrical Code 2021- Part1 from the campus then you need to pay $250+taxes or you can buy from link.
3. At the end of the course, students will be given course completion certificate. This certificate is a valid proof of upgrade which can be submitted to local apprenticeship board before a candidate can re- write.
4. If you are wanting to buy hard copy of the material, cost of the binder is $750+GST. Please click here to purchase the binder. Total cost is $787.50.
Available via BigBlueButtonThis course is also available via BigBlueButton. Candidate can attend a live class from comfort of his home.,

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Electrical-2021 Canadian Electrical Code Course

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