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Online Video Training Program

Online Video Training Courses available in the following trades:

  • 2018 Canadian Electrical Code Course for FSR-A/B
  • 2018 Canadian Electrical Code Course for FSR FE/ LO/ SA Exam
  • Automotive Red Seal Refresher Course
  • Carpentry Red Seal Refresher Course
  •  Construction/Industrial Electrician Red Seal Refresher Course
  • Heavy Equipment Technician Red Seal (Off Road ) Refresher Course (No online content except videos, hard copy will be given )
  • Instrumentation Red Seal Refresher Course
  • Ironworker Red Seal Refresher Course
  • Mill-Wright(Industrial Mechanic) Red Seal Refresher Course
  •  Painter and Decorator Red Seal Refresher Course (only course material available, no video tutorials)
  • Plumbing Red Seal Refresher Course
  • Powerline Technician Red Seal Refresher Course
  • Steam fitting/Pipefitting Red Seal Refresher Course
  • Truck & Transport Mechanic Red Seal Refresher Course
  • Welding Red Seal Refresher Course
  •  Class FE (Full Entertainment)- FSR
  •  FSR – Upgrading course

Government Grant Available

If you are interested in this program or any other courses at ACE Trades and Technical Institute, please visit our Academic Calendar for course starting dates and schedules. For more details, you can also call local number: (604)304-4009 or toll free number: 1-855-471-3926 or send us an email at or click on link below to view list of all upcoming courses at ATTI :
Schedule of upcoming Red Seal and Apprenticeship Challenge Exam Refresher Courses with ATTI