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Plumbers install, repair and maintain plumbing fixtures and systems such as water, hydronic, drain, waste and vent (DWV), low pressure steam, residential fire, chemical, and irrigation. They also install specialized systems such as medical gas, process piping, compressed air, water conditioners, fuel piping, sewage and water treatment, and storage and flow equipment.

Plumbing IP Red Seal Refresher Course

This Refresher Course help to prepare plumbers to write the Inter-provincial (IP)/Certificate of Qualification (TQ) examination. Information pertaining to the eligibility requirements for writing the IP/TQ exam must be obtained from the Local Apprenticeship Board.

This course is available in below formats

Program Code Program Options
1150 Plumbing (In person/Live with Instructor)
1160 Plumbing (Online)

Course Details

Duration 40 Hours
Schedule December 09-January 20, 2024
Timing 9AM-4:30PM.
Language of Instructions English
Notes At the end of the course, students will be given course completion certificate. This certificate is a valid proof of upgrade which can be submitted to local apprenticeship board before a candidate can re- write.
Available via BigBlueButton This course is also available via BigBlueButton. Candidate can attend a live class from comfort of his home.,

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