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Fire Protection Technician Program is an introductory program to prepare in-experienced students not only for employment but also explore opportunities to pursue their certifications from ASTTBC in the fire safety and in the related areas.  This program emphasizes a hands-on approach to training, where experience gained in the workshop is focused on industry practice. The necessary theoretical work component is integrated into the program to complement and enhance the practical. Industry tours will expose the student to a variety of work environments.  After completing electrical and electronics for fire protection installation and inspection, students learn how to install and test emergency lightening systems; automatic sprinkler and standpipe; fire alarm systems; smoke control; introduction to HVAC systems; various fire suppression systems; introduction about cross connection control, use scaffolding and access equipment Practical application of theory is demonstrated in shop of our campus. Contained within the program is training towards certification for WHMIS and Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level 1.

Carrer Occupation

This program is entry-level training for a high demand tech industry and prepares graduates for employment by fire safety and protection contractors. Progression to supervisory positions or self-employment is possible; additional training and experience is offered to advance your career.  Graduates will be prepared for entry-level jobs such as fire protection technicians, sprinkler system fitter, fire prevention technician, fire alarm operator and fire system installer where demand is high and earning potential is good and have all required safety certifications. Majority of the municipalities need inspection, installation and testing by trained and approved technicians for commercial as well as residential buildings.

Applications are open for following intakes :

  • March 20- July 7, 2023

          Mon-Fri 8:30-3:00PM- Surrey, BC

Program Benefits

This training includes:

  • 100% Free & Govt. Funded Program
  • Weekly living allowance of $650 
  • 10 Industry Relevant certifications 
  • Full Work Gear (PPE) provided 
  • 11 weeks of Occupational Skills Training 
  • 4 weeks of practicum experience 
  • Employability skills & Job Support provided

Program Eligibility

To learn more about the Fire Protection Technician Program or to apply. Please contact:

  • Active Regular Employment Insurance (EI) Benefits OR
  • EI Reachback: have had Regular EI benefits within the previous 60 months OR
  • Worked for at least 5 years out of the last 10 years in Canada + have earned more than $2,000 in insurable earnings and have paid Employee EI premiums on those earnings in at least 5 of the last 10 years (Note: the 5 years do not have to be consecutive years) OR
  • BCEA Clients


To learn more about the Fire Protection Technician program or to apply. Please contact:

  • YMCA-


( Adam Butz)

  • PICS-

604-596-7722 ext. 615

(Shipra Sharma)