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Ironworkers fabricate, construct and join scaffolding, structural steel buildings, bridges, ornamental ironwork and pre-cast structures. They erect structural steel components, reinforce steel, post tension tendons, install conveyors and robotic equipment, and sometimes perform reconstructive work on existing structures. Most ironworkers are employed by construction contractors, and are also employed in industries such as metal fabricating, oil and gas production, iron and steel production, electric utilities and rail transport.

Iron-worker Apprenticeship Level 1-3 Challenge Exam Refresher Course

The term of apprenticeship for an ironworker is spread over 3 levels for Structural as well as Generalist Iron-worker and 2 levels for Reinforcing Iron-worker that includes on-the-job training and technical training. Out of all these levels , some levels of apprenticeship may or may not be challenge-able, depending on the province. We offer 4o hour refresher courses to prepare for challenge level exams.

Ironworker IP (Inter-Provincial) Red Seal Challenge Exam Refresher Course

Once iron-workers have worked in their field for a requisite number of hours (requirements must be verified through the provincial apprenticeship board) then iron-workers may wish to write the provincially administered exam for iron-worker IP Red Seal , which will qualify him/her to work anywhere in Canada. For qualified candidates (approved by apprenticeship board), we offer a 40-hour refresher course that will prepare them to challenge the Inter-Provincial Red Seal examination. Information pertaining to the eligibility requirements for challenging level exams or Inter-Provincial (IP) Red Seal exam can be found by calling local apprenticeship board office in the province or territory where the candidate resides.

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