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NO Recording/Sell Policy Consent

Requirements and Limitations

Recording means a video or audio replication, or photographic image recorded on devices including, video recorders, cell phones, Smartphones, digital cameras, media players, computers, or other devices that record images or sound.

  1.  Students creating unauthorized recordings violate an instructor’s (or classmate’s) intellectual property rights and the Canadian Copyright Act.

  2. Students shall not make any recording (audio or video) of a classroom lecture (in class or via skype).

  3. Recording of classroom lectures is prohibited in Canada. Students do not have authority to record curriculum of ATTI (on Moodle or in class).

  4. Selling class notes and/or other ATTI’s course materials to other students or to a third party for resale is not permitted.  Additionally, students who sell or buy these copyrighted materials are subject to Code of Conduct Violations. This conduct may also constitute copyright infringement.

Please Read the Recorded Lecture Policy Agreement on this page carefully.

No Recording Policy Consent Form

Consent to ATTI No Recording Policy *
Consent: YES, I agree that I have read and understood the policy mentioned on this page and agree to abide by this policy with regards to any class sessions while attending training at ATTI as a student.